The emergence of the power-duo Tano!, formed by Oskar Garcia (former guitar player and vocalist in Hurricäde) and Víctor Pelusa (bass player and vocalist in Anchord, can’t be understood without the existing connection between the two aforementioned bands -having shared stages and even toured together in 2014- and the dissolution of Hurricäde in 2015, after being active for 8 years. Tano! is also the title of their debut LP. Ten tracks written entirely in catalan, and heavily influenced by Oskar’s singing and guitar playing, thus often reminiscent of Hurricäde’s sonority, concepts and band aesthetics. As a clear evolution of Hurricäde, Tano! carries on -as a duo- the task of exploring and experimenting with a music rich in dinamics, unapologetically rythmic and agressive, and dissonant at times. But what is Tano!? Post-hardcore? Math-core? Screamo? Emoviolence? Grindcore? Probably all of the above and none. This record clearly makes a point of avoiding the confort zone by all means, while at the same time paying homage to some of the bands mentioned above. This will to complicate things and to create a very particular beast, in terms of sound, is what propels this duo to be permanently standing at the edge of a cliff, performing a juggling act to avoid falling down and keep the adrenaline pumping all at once. As proclaimed in the song Rius de Serps: “If you only see the light you might as well be blind”


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