Error! Music, Pick Your Twelve, Aloud Music, Gandula

Format: Vinyl

Edition of 500

SKU: ERR006 · Release date: 01/04/2019


1. Desguaces Suspiro

2. Caimán

3. Poco Disponible

4. Precipicio

5. Delta

6. Moviment

7. Palmanova

8. Marges

Gambardella are

Oscar Altaba (drums, percussion, synthesizers)

Jaime L. Pantaleón (guitar, effects, synthesizers)

Victor Teller (bass, effects, synthesizers)

Recorded in April 2018 by Víctor Teller at Wave Factory Studio (Barcelona).

Mixed in May 2018 by Santi García at Ultramarinos Costa Brava (Sant Feliu de Guíxols).

Mastered in July 2018 by Víctor García at Ultramarinos Mastering (Barcelona).

Art by Gabri Molist

“From the barricades of the Bavarian 70’s afrofuturism, Gambardella dream to be the sci-fi krautrockers of

Sun Ra on the margins of Barcelona. Cosmos and earth melted in the celebrated hypnosis of ‘Descuaces

Suspiro’, kosmische lysergic of ‘Cayman’… Labyrinths that lead to “Sant Andreu”, album and space invaded

by Jaime, Víctor and Óscar: three astronauts of the unprecedented, mutated for the occasion in a three

headed octopus”.


“Between prog-rock (looking at King Crimson without being burned) and post-rock (from which they naturally

come) the second album by Gambardella is sybarite muzak and high level fusion. Of course, if the ex-

12Twelve Jaime L. Pantaleón is at the helm, the adventure is assured. ‘Sant Andreu’ arrives announced as

‘psychedelic jazz-rock’, but the label bursts on the first listen. Sly elegance, enjoy it”.


“Here is a strange power trio with surgical precision making music for musicians, freaks and the general

public. All of them will be able to find an excuse to enjoy this artie ration of wise sonic warmth. ‘Sant Andreu’

can either make you move with a Talking Heads-inspired beat, or raise the temperature with a 70’s jazzfocused

mathematical guitar development”.


“The music of Gambardella does not need words to speak to the listener with distinctive eloquence, since the

tone is unmistakable and their message leaves the taste of great conversations, those that only happen on

rare occasions. The second album of the Barcelona trio is exactly that: a rare opportunity to have a great

conversation, one that is emotional and playful at the same time, one of those that is remembered, with a

group that knows and tells much more than what it says”.