Liverpool (UK), 2012.

Screenadelica is a gig poster exhibition founded by Horse Graphic Design Studio, celebrating the art of the screen printed gig poster.

Playing host to both UK and international artists, Screenadelica sees a wide variety of styles promoting the bands the artists love, inspired by the music they hear. With digital download taking over the music scene, the desire to still own something physical makes the screen printed poster all the more important, driving artists to create pieces of art for each show which encapsulates the music in their eyes. This then means that rather than one artist representing the bands sound, they get a whole range of interpretations of their music thru the screen printed gig poster.

Poster artists on this event: Adam Pobiak, Army of Cats, Brag, Craig Robson, Diego Mena (Spain/UK), Drew Millward, Error!Design, Fugscreen Studios (USA), Handcooked Posters, Horse (IRL/UK), Jacknife, John Howard-Monkey Ink (USA), Justin Santora (USA), Kate Prior, L’Il Tuffy (USA), Luke Drozd, Mara Piccione (NL), Michael Cowwel, Petting Zoo, Sean Mort, Switch Open, Telegramme, Tiny Little, Toby Whitebread, Two Ducks Disco and Wethreeclub.

Thanks to Gary  for inviting me!