Video Interview (English)


“Who’s going to pick up those posters in Barcelona?”, was the question in one of the meetings for the Error! Design exhibition in Zottegem and Herzele. “Me!”, was the answer I gave without even thinking about it. So in the first sunny weekend of the year we jumped in our car and drove 13 hours from Zottegem to Barcelona.

Xavi actually lives in Badalona. But that’s so close to Barcelona that it’s only the second last stop if you take the subway. Which was exactly what we did after the experience of driving into the city at night with a failing gps and lots of one direction streets leading away from the hotel we saw a few meters to our right. But we had to go left, for the next 2km…

Anyway, after a short walk from the subway station to where we thought Xavi lived, our idea of Xavi probably being a very nice guy was confirmed when we saw him waiting at the corner of the street and welcoming us with a hug. Of course we brought our cameras and took the occasion to interview Xavi Forné, the man behind Error! Design. First he showed us around in his apartment, where he also works on his designs. Perfect spot for the interview. It was his first interview in English, where he warned us about.